Financial Flip: moving from brokage to wealth


Money is a tool. A great one at that. It’s is a tool that every human being should master.

Oddly enough, when you consider that only about 1% of the population controls 90% of the wealth. It becomes obvious that lots of people have not been able to master this tool.

And sorry, no one taught you about it in school. They told you it existed and that your life will be hard without it. But, they didn’t teach you to master it. ­čśĽ

We have seen what happens when a workman cannot use his tools well right? His job is “crappy.”


A lot of people are doing crappy jobs with money.

Worse still they don’t know they don’t realize it yet.

In this age of abundance through entrepreneurship everyone needs to master this tool.

The question, do I have it is out of the way. Why? Because everyone has it. It is only in mastering this tool that you will see an overflow of abundance in your life.


Well, they one thing that determines how you respond to events and circumstances is your habit. You can have good money habits in which case you gravitate towards situations that are financially favourable. The opposite could also be true, sadly.

But, we can form our habits. We can consciously redesign our orientations. Ajuwaya is ready to help you redesign your habits around money for the better.

We at Ajuwaya have something for you on how to master this tool. Proven. And guess what? We are doing it free, thanks to our strategic partners.

So, you have this opportunity. Use it well.

We will be glad to connect with you.

You are able, become capable through knowledge.

You want to master this tool called money. |See the flyer and save the date|

Come with the people you care about

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