Ajuwaya is an initiative that was originated to help young people especially youth corps members find their footing early in their environment in order to better harness and maximize the opportunities available in that environment.

We are working to make knowledge and other resources available to corps members and other young people in Nigeria, creating a synergy that will facilitate the success of everyone who utilizes the resources we provide.

Through our seminars and other affiliated programs and events, young people get the opportunity to network in a synergistic manner for the best, learn best practices from the best minds across all sectors.

Our Mission

To help corp members maximize their one year of service and help every young person maximize his or her potential.

Our Vision

To extra ordinary individual who will think beyond survival to global relevance and dominance.

What We Do


Our mentorship program makes it possible for young people especially corps members to receive the guidance required to excel in their career and entrepreneurial pursuits.

Capacity Development

Through our seminars, trainings and workshop sessions, we build the capacity of youth corps members in the areas of entrepreneurship, leadership and career pursuits. 


We create avenues for experienced coaches to guide and work with young people across all aspects of life in order to gain insight and clarity over life issues.

Building Networks

Through our offline and online events we enable young people build valuable networks that they can leverage on in their environment and all over the world.

Join us today as we transform lives and make the world a better place through love, knowledge and human capacity development.

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