How To Learn A New Language In Six Months As a Corper

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Having said that, here are the steps and actions that you can follow and take as a corper to go from zero to pro in a very short time in learning a new language:

  1. Pay attention
  2. Make it relevant
  3. Attach Meaning 
  4. Memorize simple words

Starting from one, let’s take a close look at these steps:

  1. Pay attention: there’s nothing as important as giving 100% focus to a skill you want to acquire especially from the beginning. It is easier in this case to pay attention to what is relevant to our survival which takes us to the second point Relevance.
  2. Make it Relevant: Look at it this way, you need to communicate with these people, assume that this is the only language these people understands and you see that you will really need to understand it very fast.
  3. Attach Meaning: having realized that what they are saying is relevant to your survival, you are now making efforts to know what things  stand for and their implications. For example, if you paid attention to a word and finds that the word means food, it becomes easy to consider that word as relevant because it talks about something that is vital to your survival, food. Needless to say that you will need to memorize that word so that you will remember it when next you see or hear it. 
  4. Memorize Simple Words: truth be told you will need to consciously build your vocabulary. The easiest way to do this fast is to consciously memorize words and attach meanings to them. 
Individuals from different countries

But, beyond those, here are key actions you can take on a daily basis to make learning easier and faster:

  1.  Listen a lot: when you start out, for most people hearing a strange language may cause them some discomfort maybe because they don’t understand what the speakers are saying and being in a strange land your brain will start thinking many thoughts including those about safety depending on the record of your location. However, if you are going to learn, you must build the habit of listening to people who speak the language a lot.
  2.  Start speaking: The biggest mistake most language learners make at the beginning is trying to know everything before they start speaking the language. As you Listen to people start speaking and ask for explanations of words you don’t understand. Do not be afraid of making mistakes because you are like a child in the language and mistakes are allowed, provided you learn and correct them.
  3. Take note of facial expressions: most language hinge so much on physiology of the speaker i.e. when speaking there are physical movements that support the words and in some case being able to read these physical expressions can help you understand what was said. It is important to take note of how the face or mouth is curved or not when native speakers pronounce certain words or phrases etc.
  4. Get in the state: You have to put yourself in the frame of mind that supports leaning. Psychologically negative emotions like fear, anger etc. are not good for learning while positive emotions like gratitude, joy are terrific and enhances your speed of learning. Always put yourself in the good and relaxed states.
  5. Get a parent: I should have said get a teacher but, your language teacher will have to do a bit more than a teacher. It has to be someone that can take you like a child and patiently walk you through the baby steps of the language you are learning through to the pro level.

It is simple to follow these steps and in six months gain a good command of the language dominant in your host community or any language of your choice. 

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Cheers to your success

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