As A Corper: Go For Classified Knowledge

As a Corper: Go for Classified Knowledge

This is simply the information not everyone has access to.

The kind of information that elevates you above your peers or career/business competitors.

The kind you should look out for.

If you don’t seek that which is uncommon, you will be like everyone else. Your results will be ordinary. 

Even the holy book tells us to ‘buy the truth and sell it not. Buy wisdom. Buy education. Buy insight. This is what will set you apart. This is what will make you sound different, move different and do things differently.

Do you know the easiest way to remain average?

You really want to know?

Well, here it is: see self-investment as a waste of money!

People love free things. Free classes. Free gifts. Free books. Free tips. Free food.

It’s not bad to have free stuff. I appreciate them. I really do. But do you know what?

Classified knowledge isn’t offered for free. It is classified for a reason. Only serious people pay to have them!

Forget the fact that the person selling the knowledge wants your money in return.

No wise person will offer classified knowledge for free. It is barricaded. It is not for everyone. It carries value and impact. Value only responds to value. So if you want it, seek it!

Give & Take. It’s a principle you can’t maneuver. You can’t curve this one.

If you really desire monumental growth for yourself this year and beyond, invest in yourself heavily. Now the word ‘heavily’ here doesn’t mean quantity but QUALITY.

Knowledge brings growth

Load yourself with quality benefits. Don’t short-change yourself.

There is no way you can grow as a Corp member if you don’t learn. In that business or career of yours, no matter how good you already are, there is a higher level of knowledge you have not yet accessed.

It’s a different matter if you do not have the money yet but you’ve got plans to. At least, you have the right mindset!

It is condescending to your person if you have a mindset that avoids  knowledge just because it comes with a price-tag. People like this remain stagnant. They often get to a particular stage of their life and get limited.

Even C.E.Os of top companies don’t stop investing in themselves. They keep paying heavily for classified knowledge.

No, they are not stupid. They are wise! They are putting in the extra-oil.

The corporate world is no respecter of persons in this matter. No matter how high your position is or how good you are, if you don’t meet up to the job description anymore, YOU WILL BE REPLACED. No stories. No explanation. So, you must keep up with the trend in your profession, your une of business and your relationships

If you’re saying; Well, thank God that I am just an entrepreneur. 

Well-done, entrepreneur!

If you like, be a shoemaker, if you don’t learn new designs or better service-delivery, your customers will be lured by better services out there.

This could sound harsh but I hope that at the end, you are provoked to seek quality and higher knowledge in everything you do. 

Even in areas that border on your personal development. The reason is that if you keep learning about your business/career and developing it at the expense of your own personal development, you will soon lack the capacity to execute those career/business strategies you learn.

So, seek all-round knowledge. Be balanced.

Seek all round knowledge!


The world isn’t standing still. It evolves. Don’t be left behind. EVOLVE ALSO.