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As A Corper: Have An Entrepreneurship Mindset II

...people speak their truth in personal interactions more than they do behind the camera, or on social media...events geared towards entrepreneurship development will be a good opportunity to meet with both pros and “wanna be’s”...

As Corper: Have An Entrepreneurship Mindset

...we choose to say that entrepreneurship is the act or undertaking of the responsibility of providing solutions to human problems at a profitable price or for the sake of common good.


... it becomes very serious to locate places in the town, places such as worship centers, markets. Most importantly though is locating your place of primary assignment and getting accommodation for the period of your stay.

As A Corper: Go For Classified Knowledge

If you don't seek that which is uncommon, you will be like everyone else. Your results will be ordinary.

Be Yourself As a Corp Member

I know it looks like you should be doing more right now. I know it looks like the efforts you put into that business isn't yielding the desired results or your side hustle as a Corp member is not working yet. 

Landing Your Dream Job While in Your Service Year (Final Part)

...you are supposed to check your Spam box as often as you check your inbox? That's right! This is because many emails that do not have certified sources or are not in your contact list are configured to go to Spam. You don't want to miss an interview invite so when you send an application,

Landing your Dream Job While In Your NYSC Year: Writing a winning CV and Cover letter

As a youth Corp member you have a unique opportunity to better your chances of landing your dream job as soon as you are done with NYSC or even while you are still serving. Read on to learn how to maximize this unique opportunity!

How To Ace Your Remote Work Interview

This will make you seem more confident in the interview too, because when they ask about these topics, you’ll be excited to talk about it rather than nervous/timid.

Sure Guide to Your Dream Remote Work.

If you’re starting a remote work job search or wondering how to find a remote job, then this article is for you because you are going to learn how to conduct your search and land the remote job of your dreams.

Do You Want To Work And Earn From Remote Jobs ? (Part 2)

You could also do this as a freelancer, and manage and mange multiple small companies.

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