Be Yourself As a Corp Member

I know it looks like you should be doing more right now. I know it looks like the efforts you put into that business isn’t yielding the desired results or your side hustle as a Corp member is not working yet. 

It might look like your weaknesses are getting the best of you or like your fears aren’t moving.

You get saddled by self-doubts often, even when you try to think/ believe that you know what you are doing.

You look at that role model or mentor you admire and you wonder if you will ever be like them or get to their level/standard.

You seem too imperfect/flawed/disadvantaged to get that precise life you dream of!

Yes, I know what that feels!

It’s okay to feel these emotions. 

Your self-doubts don’t mean you are crazy.

Your shortcomings don’t make you odd.

Your difficulties and issues? 

_Nobody from your village is doing you o_

I won’t assure you that life is a bed of roses where you dream of a thing and get it on a platter of gold, feeling like a badass.

There are shadows in the hallway and bumps on the road. There will be times when you will doubt yourself and every other thing.

The earlier you know and comprehend this factor sufficiently, the better.

If you do not learn how to govern these shaky and pessimistic times, you can lose yourself and miss your path.

Depression is as a result of you thinking that your dark times are permanent and a self-fulfilling prophecy of your future. A depressed person will think, _’ so what again should I hope for?.. This is surely the end. This is it.”_

That’s not it! You have to stop beating yourself for being human or for passing through challenges humans pass through.

You only have yourself with you all the days of your life.

 If you don’t treat yourself right or learn to be kind and empathetic with yourself, then that’s on you.

Don’t judge your future with your present or use your emotions to gauge your success.

Emotions are fleeting. If you are not cautious, they can work against you. 

That’s if you let your present emotions dictate your future/ worth.

#Success_defies_emotions. Success is not a result of your emotions. 

You will feel scared, but do it anyways!

You will doubt yourself, but do it anyways!

You will feel like things aren’t going to work out, work them anyways!

When you fall, relax. 

Be easy on yourself. Be kind to yourself. It’s okay to take a break or pause.

But gather your energy later and continue!

Keep trying. Keep trying to realize your dreams. Keep trying to meet up with that vision.

Know that your mind will play games with you once in a while but accept those times as your low period. Not your permanent site.

Understand this. There are times you feel like a badass, having so much confidence.

 There are also times you will feel unsure and vulnerable, wondering anything would work at all.

It’s normal. Be emotionally intelligent enough to discern these two times and not label yourself with one!


Happy New Month!💥💥