Landing your Dream job

Landing your Dream Job While In Your NYSC Year: Writing a winning CV and...

As a youth Corp member you have a unique opportunity to better your chances of landing your dream job as soon as you are done with NYSC or even while you are still serving. Read on to learn how to maximize this unique opportunity!

How To Ace Your Remote Work Interview

This will make you seem more confident in the interview too, because when they ask about these topics, you’ll be excited to talk about it rather than nervous/timid.

Sure Guide to Your Dream Remote Work.

If you’re starting a remote work job search or wondering how to find a remote job, then this article is for you because you are going to learn how to conduct your...
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Do You Want To Work And Earn From Remote Jobs ? (Part 2)

You could also do this as a freelancer, and manage and mange multiple small companies.

Do You Want To Work And Earn From Remote Jobs ? (Part 1)

With technological changes all over the world today and the surge in online businesses you can now take up jobs and work from your home or wherever you choose. Follow this series to learn how to get started.
Know thyself

Know Thyself

Take time out for this exercise. Do it regularly. Don't be scared to be alone. Self discovery is made in solitude. Seek solitude. Question yourself. Take note of yourself. Your experiences, passion, yearning aren't useless. They are pointer to your path.

What Should You Do To Be Super Successful (Part 2)

I have been thinking about the post I made last week on what you could do to become super successful and I think I have found the perfect solution to this by...

If Only You Had Clarity

The power of clarity, Clearness, transparency, obviousness. The lack of these words bring confusion, uncertainty and failure. A life without clarity is like a fugitive who...


Life truly is a race. You run your race and I run mine. But what makes the race of life different from the track race is that our kind of race...

What Should You do to be SUPER SUCCESSFUL?

We could go on and on talking about hardwork and its importance to success. But, is hardwork really equal to success or there is more to the concept of success that...