Have you ever watched droplets of rain water fill a bucket placed under the roof? Did you notice how the dripping water looked, one drop at a time, until the bucket was full? If the roof and bucket were clean, the water remained clear that one could see the bright color of the bucket; but if any of them – roof or bucket – was slightly dirty or dusty, the water looked cloudy or muddy; its beauty spoiled.

In just this manner our character is formed. Each thought or feeling adds its influence. Each decision we make, whether about matters great or small, will contribute to our singular identity.

My boss used to have two people – Sam and Tim – working on her team. Tim, though has a higher qualification and educational degree than Sam, was always late on every assignment given to him with a solid excuse of working within his payable hours. Sam, on the other hand, sought to get things done as fast as possible.

Tim would come late to work and justify himself by saying he was human and not a robot who would  always keep to time. He would even say he had no vehicle hence he could neither influence the road, the driver nor the public transport.

However, Sam, who happened to live in the same area as Tim, also without a vehicle, always came early enough to begin the day’s job.

My boss was a very considerate woman so she hardly took offence and this helped Tim in getting rooted in his negative approach to work and unfortunately to life – Little did he know that a superior was watching.

When the company won another contract, the superior dismissed the second guy while Sam was retained and asked to supervise the project, tripling his monthly pay!

We must remain concerned at all times about the droplets that influence our character. In large part these small bits of experience shape the stability or instability of our lives. Habits of falsehood, and evil intent will mar us like the dirty roof, eventually destroying us. But acts that develop habits of love, truth, and goodness silently mold and fashion us into the image of God and give us a better advantage over others wherever we find ourselves like Sam.