You must have noticed, if not firsthand already, through the stories of others that there comes a time in one’s life when the desire to be in charge of, the urge to chart the course of one’s life becomes more pronounced than ever.

I have a feeling you understand what I am talking about already, but maybe I should say something about how this desire begin to emerge from the deep crevices of an individual. Sure, I will as we progress.


Let me first offer a definition which will help us put our conversation in context. Well there are many definitions but let’s consider this one. Independence refers to one’s ability to source and maintain a means of livelihood without unnecessary reliance on other people. Does it make sense?

Well, this definition has deliberately put you at the center of your life’s affairs. In this case, while considering others in your goals and plans, you give yourself the center role.
Also, note the appearance of the word “unnecessary” which suggests that though you have determined to take on life as an individual you will be wise enough to utilize every assistance that will help you achieve this provided it will not undermine your determination to stir the affairs of your life.

I know what you are thinking now…that definition is not really how the dictionary put it, right? Anyways, here’s what a good dictionary would say, “independence is freedom from control or influence of others.”
But, in our definition, we have decided to make you the figure head because the idea is to help you understand how best to spend your “Ajuwaya” days so that after this one year you will have reasonable amount of control over the affairs of your life going forward.

I believe you get what I mean. Smiles.

This one year of national youth service is aimed at helping graduates attain independence from their parents or guardians. Though not everyone can understand or explain how this can happen with all the challenges that surrounds the scheme in most areas. The fact is that it is possible and as a user of Ajuwaya, you will understand how this could be set in motion for your own benefit.

We will do this step by step. Just stay with us.