Know Thyself

How You See Yourself Matters…

How do you see yourself? 

What do you have to offer the world?

Do you know how the awareness of this affects the scheme of things?


Gone are the days when some people are asked this question and they just smile and reply, “Me ke… I am nobody o”

You see in life, you are not and cannot be allowed to be a nobody. You are somebody. An important one at that.

 If you are a nobody, why do you think you exist?

If you do not discover who you are, you will easily get lost.

If you do not know yourself, people will bring all sorts before you. In fact, you will be exposed to many things and you will not only fall into the trap of accepting what is not for you. You will also think you are making progress with it. 

Self discovery is power.

It is your personal super-power. Unique to you.

It helps you identify what you are meant for easily. And dismiss what is not for you. When you know yourself, it is easy to say NO to things that aren’t you without an inch of guilt.

You are grounded in the knowledge of self and you can’t jump into certain waters without this knowledge.

How you run your business should be a unique expression of who you are. 

Know thyself
Socrates, Delphi quote.

The job you take or not take is a similar result. Even down to the company you keep. You are able to identify who you should allow into your life and who will distract you from your path and shouldn’t be in it.

It’s funny how a lot of people run after money, thinking money is that KEY to be discovered.

Money is good and very important also. 

But know that the highest paid people in the world today are people who channelled their inner self to what they do.

They are doing what they love, having fun while doing them and they are paid heavily for that!


Because they do it differently!

You are different. Your perspectives are different from others.

Your inner voice is unique to you.

 The problems you are attracted to solve might not even seem like a problem to me.

Your abilities could be my weakness and vice versa. What all these point to is the fact that you are to be studied. 

Life should be an expression of who you truly are. Not a race away from it.

Action point:

Take time out for this exercise. Do it regularly. 
Don’t be scared to be alone. Self discovery is made in solitude. Seek solitude. Question yourself. Take note of yourself. Your experiences, passion, yearning aren’t useless. They are pointer to your path.