Mentors. They come indifferent sizes, shapes and forms. They reach us through different media and most times they go beyond borders and biases to make their marks in people’s lives. One thing no one can deny is that they are important. Whether they are reaching us virtually, through the print media (books etc.) or in flesh, blood and bone.

So, to have a mentor or not to have one is not even the question, they question is how can I maximize the benefits a mentor has to offer?
Some people have sailed the sea of life quite peacefully, well protected from the bashing of destructive waves just because they had the opportunity of learning from the experiences of others. Everybody knows that experience is the best teacher, but people who have maximized the benefits of mentorship has learned that it doesn’t have to be your own experience.


This is the great thing about mentors: they compress their life’s experiences into a capsule and give their mentees doses of this capsule that immunize them from unnecessary errors and mistakes. So a young man with a great now operates with the wisdom and virtue he could never have acquired alone. That is, when he knows how to maximize the benefits of mentorship.

We at Ajuwaya will be meeting with some mentors on the twenty second (22nd) of this month, April. We will be learning from them what makes a great mentee and a great mentor. An added advantage will be that these men will be breaking things down with all the contexts in mind. Whether geopolitical, cultural, religious, you name it.

It is also true that mentors themselves wonder sometimes if they are getting the results they intended. So if you are a mentor already you will love to know how these great mentors have been able to overcome some of the challenges that they have encountered in their years of working with and mentoring young people.


This will be a great event, an opportunity for everyone, mentors and mentees alike to get together and refresh. Again, the date is Sunday 22nd Apri, 2018 and the time is 3pm @nHub, Jos, Plateau state, Nigeria.
You are welcome. We are glad to host you and you will be glad you came.