Meet Our Speakers

Here is the profile of all the facilitators (speakers and moderators) of the upcoming Ajuwaya event. 

Yeshua-Yael is a life coach, public speaker amongst others. He is CEO of Yael Kapital,  an investment and training company.

Also he is the Lead Trainer on the life changing course- “100 Days to a life of Fire and Speed”. He currently resides in Lagos, Nigeria.

He has interests ranging from entrepreneurship to writing. He also has keen interests in politics, innovation, and education.

His favourite quote is: “If Africa will not see your GREATNESS, let the World see your GREATNESS”. This is why he launched the “Existential Radio Africa ” project. With the aim of showing each African, from the individual to the society in general that we have what it takes by developing ourselves through the core tenants of Existentialism. HE IS AN EXISTENTIALIST.

Living through life and examining the core meaning of life, he came to the conclusion that his purpose lies in the extermination of little thoughts from the minds of each and every African woman/man; no matter the situational standard, background, financial or spiritual status otherwise.

He is goal driven with varied experience in management, business development, consulting, customer relations, music production and sound engineering, IT, leadership, entrepreneurial and academic pursuits.

He is a firm believer in displaying a sound sense of business judgement even when faced with time critical decisions.

HE is the founder and Lead Trainer of “100 Days to a Life of Fire & Speed”. A vision to reveal the true nature of each man and woman, boy or girl that within them lies a wild fire and speed which can transform their lives and destiny. The training goes further into the practicality of activation of that special FIRE and SPEED amongst all participants.

He also pioneered the Fire and Speed Blueprint™ which is a new way of studying and understanding personal purpose, destiny and owning one’s own life.

He will be our first speaker. 

Shiphrah E. Edem is an SDGs Advocate, a content creator, founder of Shiphy’s Food Hub; a food processing company that produces the processed and refined indigenous pudding popularly called Tombrown which she started while in school.

She is also the founder of the Lafia History Learning Center, a mini school and Community library which she established during her service year in October 2019. The library houses over 100 books most of which are history books and materials to promote the study of history in secondary schools. The library has so far received support from the Nasarawa State SDGs and over 10 donors.

She is also the  co-founder of the International TeenTalk Club, a social well being and educational club which partners with the Nasarawa State SDGs to reach out to teenagers in public schools across Lafia, basically dealing with issues that affects teens and spreading SDGs awareness among teenagers.

She also runs a fundraiser and awareness campaign for sickle cell fighters which has gained partnership with several organizations in raising funds and creating sickle cell awareness. 

She is also a spoken word poet with a podcast on Anchor fm, a guitarist and God-lover.

Olamilekan Peter Alabi is a life and business strategist as well as an entrepreneur with interests in Digital marketing and agriculture.

He is the lead strategist at AOP Consults, a digital marketing and business consulting firm.

He is also the founder of Business Unusual Hangout, a platform dedicated to teaching the rudiments of business in the Unusual way. 

He is positive, ingenious and idealistic with a strong zeal for helping people and businesses do and get better.

He has written articles and produced several materials to aid businesses and individuals get a clearer perspective of grey areas limiting their progress through his rather unconventional and radically transformational approach.

He believes he is the first and last coach you need to get a hang of the business of your life and in the life of your business.

He will be our third speaker. 

Nzekwe Samuel is a Software Developer as well as a Master salesman. He Is presently the Personal Executive Assistant at Learnfactory Nigeria, A premier Software development company that is changing the digital and software development landscape of Nigeria and placing Eastern Nigeria on the block as a region with great Tech talents.

As a former intern at Learnfactory Nigeria,  Samuel Co-worked on various application projects and is currently working on a Project he believes could transform the way we access pharmaceutical products and services.

He is also one of the few young Nigerians accepted to the MOOC Masters programme course on Blockchain and Digital currencies at the University of Nicosia, Cyprus.

Samuel’s Technical speciality is in Digital systems, Technology and the disruptive effects of Technological Innovations on the human society. On this subject, he has written several articles on Medium and on other web outlets. 

He has supported and led educational development efforts ranging from Technological training to Social awareness campaigns on the need for a more creativity driven educational curriculum. 

He is currently the Project lead at DrugPharm Nigeria and ChristLeague Nigeria.

Samuel holds a Bachelor of Technology Degree in Physics from the Federal University of Technology, Owerri and currently lives in Imo State, Nigeria with his family.

Daniel Joseph started his Book Coaching firm Authors Legacy in January 2018, immediately after his NYSC.

Authors Legacy is gradually becoming a force to recon with for coaches and therapists who want to write books globally.

He and his team has written articles, blogs and books for experts in Austria, USA, Canada, New Zealand, UK and Nigeria.

He recently started his sex toy company Sexual Bliss in January, 2020. They sell vibrators, dildos, lubricants, strapons and all types of sex toys.

He is currently the biggest sex toy retailer in Plateau State and plans to be the biggest in Northern Nigeria by December 31st, 2020.

His mission is to shape lifestyles and he will be our fifth speaker. 

Oladapo Philips also known as Gbengaphilips is a business developer and political economist. Currently working with Founders hub as a business developer and pursuing an advanced degree in Political science. 

Why passion is to help young and willing people achieve business and career breakthrough. 

His interest ranges from sustainable and inclusive  economic growth and development, fourth industrialization and entrepreneurship education. 

He is a trained Financial inclusion and he is an active advocate for women financial inclusion and a pro-feminist among others. 

My goal is to help Africa and Nigeria rise to its true creed as the giant and hope of these last days through youth evangelism and active participation.

Ohajuru, Uchechukwu Bright popularly known as Uc Bright is an innovator and the idea-grapher of Ajuwaya Youth Initiative.

He started the Ajuwaya Youth Initiative as a Corp member on the Plateau. With the help of the Ajuwaya team and other volunteers, he has gone on to train countless number of Corp members and young people on Entrepreneurship, soft skills, job readiness and communication skills. 

He is a Next Economy Youth alumni and was part of the advocacy team that trained in all the geopolitical zones in 2019.

He is an Entrepreneur and currently Consults for high power individuals and multinational companies on digital marketing, trend setting and digital skills. 

He is an Electrical and Electronic Engineering by training and loves to learn, sing and create value for everyone around him. 

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