My Seven Rules to Success in Life After NYSC

From my previous post early this week you must have got an idea of how my journey is unfolding so far. In case you have not seen it yet, click here to read then come back to this one. It will give you a good foundation to understand this particular post. The following will be the second part of the post.

If you want to further your education and the fund is available, you should go for it. Your brain is still fresh after NYSC, so you should not miss that opportunity. But if the fund is not available, you should not put pressure on yourself or your parents to sponsor you, just get a job and when you’ve gathered enough money, you can decide to go. You should also note that you can get frustrated if things don’t go your way, or as you’ve planned it. But you can’t be discouraged. After service life is just another life on its own and it requires different sets of rules and principles to pull through.

I would highlight some of these rules. Note that there can be more, and these may not apply to every situation and everyone, but it does to me, and I know it will help you. 

  1. Get a Skill: Like I said earlier, this is one of the major things that has helped me. We are in a digital age, and if you do not have one or two digital skills, you might not be too relevant in this age. There are so many digital skills that you can have passion for, some of which are copywriting and content writing skills, digital marketing, data analysis, graphics designing, among others. 

Have a Side Job: By this, I mean, have something you can do. May I tell you that, apart from my writing skill and my salary job, I also know how to bake cakes and sew clothes. I am not so perfect at them, but it is definitely something I can fall back to, to earn money if anything should happen to my skill or my job. As a lady, you can learn how to make hair, sew, bake, or whatever. And for guys, you can learn barbing, shoe making, photography. It is important for you to know that this is not a time to wait and say one salary job is waiting for you. Rather, it is a time for you to make use of every opportunity you have to learn something new. So far as you’re not stealing or cheating people, then any legit business is acceptable o. 

  1. Pray: yes, I have to include this. You may have been able to pull through school days and service year on your won, but trust me, this is a new phase and you have no idea what awaits you. Whether you’re a Muslim or a Christian, seek the face of the Almighty to help you navigate this period. Research has it that after teenage years, this stage is also the stage where suicide and depression comes in the most on youth. You don’t want to be in that situation. 
  1. Network: This cannot be overemphasized. Go out as much as you can, go for seminars, conferences, and network with people. Endeavor to update your contact list and your circle per time. There are various opportunities that you will never hear of, but because you know someone who knows what you can do, and then refers you. Most of the jobs I’ve gotten today were based on referral. I’ve worked with people in Lagos, Asaba, and other states, even international jobs, right from Osun state. Network! Network!! Network!!!
  1. Engage in Self-development: I might as well have left this one out, because I’ve talked about learning a skill and having a job, but no, I still have to talk about it. You are your greatest asset, and you should be willing to go any length to develop yourself. Pay for courses, attend seminars outside your comfort zone, listen to TEDx talks, podcast, attend webinars as much as you can. Improve your communication and human relations skill. See Ajuwaya post on classified knowledge. You don’t have to be an outspoken person to do these. I used to have a stage fright from childhood, even till University days. I remember when I was to defend my final year project, my legs and voices were shaking as I was presenting, but I just had to finish the defense. But today, since I started working, I’ve taken one or two seminars in my company and it was awesome. Being shy is not an excuse o, do whatever you can to break out of your shell. 
  1. Don’t Be Under The Pressure To Get Married: Marriage is good guys, very good. I’m not married yet, but I know marriage is sweet and I can’t wait to get married. Woman, this is not the age of full house wives. It is the age where both the husband and wife go to work or work from home, both of them earn money. Even if your husband is well to do and gives you all you will ever need, please, still get a job or at least a skill, e get why! I know I don’t have to tell the men to get a job before they get married. But my point is, do not be pressured. Age might not be on your side, and parents and friends might be on your neck to get married, but you have to understand that they won’t live in the marriage for you. Once you leave your parents’ house to get married, you’re totally ON YOUR OWN! Never let their pressure push you to get married when you’re not ready to. 
  1. Keep Learning: yea, it’s so good to finally drop the books, but look here, the day you stop learning, is the day you stop living. Keep refreshing your brain by reading and surfing the internet for valuable things. Even if you’re already working, try to read books outside of your job. Know at least something about everything. Don’t be too lazy to read. Learning is supposed to continue till you leave this earth. 

There you have them! Like I said earlier, these are not the only rules and it applies to different people in different ways. As you start this new phase of life, be encouraged. Some have been there and succeeded, you will too. Yes, it might look strange to you, but it is just part of life.

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Cheers to your Success

Tinuoluwa Abimbola Faleye.