Never Do This As A Youth (Part 1)

I was eating one night in my room, and was talking with my roommates. All of a sudden, I choked. There was fish in my mouth at that time, and in the process of coughing, a bone found its way into my throat and refused to go down or come out.

I had to run outside to get air. I was coughing terribly, panicking and not at rest. 

Different people were giving various solutions to help with the bone in my throat. Some said I should take dry ‘garri’, others said I should swallow a big morsel of the ‘tuwo’ I was eating. 

I tried swallowing the ‘tuwo’ but it wasn’t going. Then, a brother came and asked what happened. He just said calmly, ‘go and lie down’. I was shocked, lying down in this condition? OK. There’s no harm in trying, right? 

I went to my room and laid on the bed, and I slept off in the process.

What happened?

I didn’t even know how or when the bone left. The next morning, the brother came to ask me how far and I told him I laid down and I didn’t know when the thing left. He said, ‘you see what I told you?’ I smiled and thanked him. 

Makarios likes stories so much, you say?

Well, there’s always one or more lesson(s) to be learnt in everything that happens. 

Few days later, this same brother asked to see me. He said he had wanted to tell me something about what happened that night, but hasn’t been chanced to.

He said what happened was beyond just the bone in my throat. He went further to say that is what happens in life.

When situations arise, circumstances show up, what we do most time is to worry and panic…. 

Remember, worrying does not solve anything!

*Look out for part 2.*