Never Do This As A Youth (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1

But by doing so, we only worsen the situation. Worry doesn’t solve anything. Many people think worrying is a sign of showing responsibility. It isn’t. That you worry about a situation does not mean it will change anything. It does more harm than the good you think it does. 

After he said that to me, I was wowed. But then, another lesson came up just on the spot. 

When we’re facing any situation, a lot of people, well meaning ones, will procure various solutions they feel will work. 

They come up with suggestions either based on their personal experiences, or just by guessing. Some just want to be seen as caring. But, most times, there is just one solution, one simple solution, one simple connection, that will end the whole thing or start the process to ending it. 
Like the word of God says, ‘trust and obey’. It’s as simple as that. It didn’t say to worry, it didn’t say to panic, it just gave a simple solution that always works. 

I was once faced with a challenge some times ago. I tried all I could, asked people around but nothing was working. Then, I contacted one person who had a lot of experience in that area, he just said a simple line that brought the solution. I couldn’t believe it. With all I have tried and didn’t work, just one line and everything changed. 

What you need is just a word that contains the solution to what you’re facing. Many people will bring different solutions, but might not be what you need. 

Endeavor to look out for that one solution, that one word, that will be the answer to your problem, rather than worrying and going around looking for a solution that is not available.