THE A TO Z OF NYSC CAMPING: Everything you will need for Camp. (part 2)


Following our last post we have put together everything you will need for your day to day stay on the camp. Here they are:

  1. White round neck T-shirts and shorts: You will be given two (2) pairs each in camp, but you will need more, since this is your only uniform in camp for the three weeks, except on special occasions. More so, the quality of the ones you will be given in camp is poor, really poor, that you might not even be able to wear them at all. It is best to have about 3 pairs (or more) each, also to ease yourself of having to wash every day, especially after drills and social nights; you would be very tired. 
  2. White sneakers or Tennis shoes: You will be given one in camp, that is NYSC customized but it is of low quality and you might not be given your size. You can get rubber sneakers, especially if you are camping during rainy season. This is for ease of washing every day. You can get this in camp if you’re not able to get it from home. 
  3. White socks: have extras to complement the ones you’ll be given in camp. 
  4. Padlocks: You won’t be having a room to yourself in camp. You might not even know all of your roommates as you all will be packed in a hall-like room. Lock your bags always to avoid stories that touches the heart. 
  5. Waist pouch/Crossbody purse: you know that small bag corp members put around their waist in camp? You have to get yours too. Most times, it’s not for fashion. You need it to keep your phones, money, small jotter, pen, so as to free your hands. 
  6. Mosquito nets: Most camps are not hygenic, so if you don’t want to fall sick, please bring your mosquito nets along. 
  7. Drugs: basic drugs like paracetamols, vitamin C, antibiotics. The camp clinic might be out of stock or you’re in a hurry and really need the drugs. If you’re on medication too, go with your drugs enough to last for the three weeks. 
  8. Antiseptic/Disinfectants: the bathrooms can be really dirty and frustrating, the water can also be dirty, but not in all camps. 
  9. Detergents and soap
  10. Towel(s)
  11. A pair of slippers
  12. Bedsheet,pillow and case: you can bring or buy in mammy.
  13. Food flask, bowl and cup: for feeding in camp.
  14. Bottle: the drillings are exhausting; you will be under the sun for hours. You need to have water at hand always to keep yourself hydrated. Get one that you can hang on your waist pouch to free your hand.
  15. Beverage and snacks: the camp food might not be sufficient for those who eat large quantities of food per time. Get these to supplement whatever you’re given.
  16. Lamp or torchlight
  17. Anything you can relax with: when you’re not on parade ground, in lectures or social night, you will need something to keep yourself busy. You can take along your headset for music, novels for reading, chess or scrabble for guys (you might be lucky for these not to have been collected from you at the gate).
  18. Small phone or power bank: if you don’t want to go phone-less for days, you will be needing this. Not all camps have regular power supply or even enough sockets inthe rooms. You can still charge at a fee in mammy market also.
  19. All network SIMs: if you’re not sure which network works well in the state you’re going,get extra SIM cards.
  20. Cash and ATM card(s): you don’t want to be stranded. If you intend to eat camp food,about twenty thousand naira should be enough. But if you wish to go to mammy-market, go with more money to be more comfortable. There are a lot of good things that will take your money in camp, be careful!

NB: you will need one or two buckets too, but don’t bother yourself carrying it along, you can get it in mammy market. It reduces the things you have to carry to camp. For ladies, you will need toiletries like tissue paper, sanitary pads, and the likes, but you can get in mammy market.

This is about all you will be needing to have a successful and exciting NYSC camp. You can also take whatever you feel you would be needing. But be sure not to pack too many bags, especially for those who will be travelling long distances.