John just graduated from the university, he is a very enthusiastic and agile young man who is trying to find a way to break from the current status quo of his family. Being the first born of the house, John is very much aware of the responsibilities he has to attend now and in the days ahead. 

Despite the nature of the community John grew up to find himself where nobody rises beyond the average level, he is highly optimistic that he will rise above that level and be successful in life. But how is this going to happen, how will I succeed in life, what does it take to have a good success in life? John keeps on asking.

Like John, this also has been the question of several young individuals in the society. But first of all what does it mean to be successful or have good success in life. 

Success or being successful simply means serving your purpose on earth in the most excellent way. This implies that a person is successful in life to the degree at which he accomplished his assignment on earth. 

So, what does it take to succeed?

Many individuals only wish and desire to succeed but are not actually putting any effort to see their dreams accomplished. As the old English adage says “if wishes were horses beggars would have rode on it”. Success doesn’t come by chance, luck or mistake; it’s intentional and predetermined. 

This means that anyone can be successful no matter what the person’s current condition is or may have pass through in life if and only if the person is ready to make some life transforming decisions which includes

1. Be intentional about your success: 

Your destiny in life is not at the mercy of God alone you have to take part actively in making things happen, success in life is not “what will happen will happen” as many will say, that’s religiosity, that’s fate. It takes individual decision and effort to be successful instead of sitting down and giving excuses which wouldn’t add anything to one’s life, just like the saying goes “if you look for excuses you will always find one”. So the first step is to make a decision to go for success.

2. Be Committed: 

This simply is the pledge of allegiance one takes or engages to be  successful. After making a decision to be successful an individual has to start putting efforts in achieving his success. 

Any person who truly wants to achieve success must have a course in life that he is bound and fully committed to. 

3. Mentorship and Knowledge Acquisition:

It’s a well known fact that whatever area a person wants to succeed in there’s always a person that has already succeeded there. An individual needs to be empowered, enlightened, and trained skillfully in the area he wants to succeed in, this can only be done by acquiring knowledge and efficient training in his area of Passion in order to be effective and excellent. By this it implies that an individual has to be teachable to be prepared in the area he wants to specialize. 

4. Sacrifice:

 Lastly an individual has to Sacrifice: pleasure, time and other resources in order for him to achieve success. If convenience is what drives you then you will be far from success. Success always comes at a price.