THE GREATEST MISTAKE: Never Give Up (Part 1)

I was praying in the backyard of my apartment one evening with my unit members. We were listening to some explanations amidst the prayers, and then I looked down and my eyes caught something. This happens a lot. My eyes catch things around me quickly, maybe because I’m a writer. I see things that every other person sees, but what I see is a storyline. Others just see a polythene carried by the wind. There’s nothing special in that, but what a writer sees and depicts from that can birth a whole book. 

As I was saying, I looked down and saw a chick struggling with something. I focused more on it and noticed it was the gill of a fish. The gill was big and the chick was trying to break it into pieces, so it could swallow each piece. This wasn’t coming forth, so it decided to swallow it as a whole, but I guess its throat was too small to accept such a big chunk of food at a time. It was really trying but it refused to give up. 

A hen came along in a bid to snatch the gill from the chick, but the latter carried its food and started running around. The chick was running in our midst because we stood in a circle, but the hen was either too scared to come in or thought it was too big to pass through. The chick used our gathering as a guard against the hen. We had to continue praying, so I didn’t get to see the outcome of the feat. ( I heard the explanation o, even though I focused on the chick). 
After the prayer, my mind went back to what I saw and some lessons began to come up from it. I decided to pen them down. 

One, the gill was too big to be swallowed by the chick at once, so it was trying hard to break it down into pieces. Your plans are great, really great. They’re good plans, but if you do not write them down in small pieces, you will be choked. I’ll explain. You have a plan to start an orphanage because of your love for children. You want to give back to society by helping the little ones who are less privileged. 

There are some processes you will have to follow, you will need sponsorship, you will need the government to be involved, and things like that. But you’re so engrossed in your love for these children, that you decide to have the orphanage just come up without any due process. The outcome won’t be a favorable one, and then you’ll think people are against your plans. No one is against your plans, but the process has to be followed. The plans have to be broken down into bits to achieve the whole. 

Two, when the hen came along to snatch the gill from the chick, it carried it and ran for shelter. The fact that your plans are good doesn’t mean everyone is happy with you. Yes, it is for the betterment of others, but there are some who will do anything, go the extra mile, to snatch that dream from you. They might not necessarily have any good in mind, but it just saddens their heart to see someone else achieve anything good. 

To be continued….