THE GREATEST MISTAKE: Never Give Up (Part 2)

I am sure the chick went through a lot before it could get the gill. It might have carried it from the bin, rumbling its head through the bin and all that. But the hen just came from nowhere to claim it. There are people who want to snatch your dream, your vision and pass it as theirs if you’re not careful. They are obviously envious of your achievement, but instead of going to develop their own plans, they’d rather come to snatch yours. 

It was the responsibility of the chick to find shelter. You can’t do it on your own. No one is an island on his own. You need to have your own circle that you can run to always. Build connections in all spheres, that will be of help to you when challenges arise.

Have your own network of friends, colleagues that you can share ideas with. Two good heads, they say, is better than one. When you have others to share your ideas with, you will begin to see more light in a way you didn’t ever imagine and then together, you achieve a greater thing.

Your circle will be your place of refuge when it looks like you can no longer go on. Achieving great things can be tiring and frustrating, but when you have people who can encourage you to keep going, then you know you have to keep going. We hear of Mark Zuckerberg, Dangote and the rest of them today, but one thing you should know is that these men didn’t do it all on their own. They brought the idea, but they couldn’t have achieved it all single handedly. 

They would have their own circle of colleagues that they achieved together. If they were to tell you their stories, you would see that there were some background inputs of other people. As much as you’re shielding your dreams from those who want to snatch them, you still need to run to people who would help you achieve them. 

Three, the chick never gave up. Although, I didn’t see the outcome but what I saw lasted for few minutes and it wasn’t looking like the chick was going to give up till it achieved its aim. You cant give up. You shouldn’t give up. Face the challenges, fail again and again, but do not give up. Rather, use those failures to find other means to do it better. 

One great man, after he had failed a number of times, said, ‘I found 999 ways of not doing it’. Why don’t you see your failures that way? Use them as lessons to get better. You didn’t fail, you just found ways of not doing it, and then you do it in other ways. My pastor always says, ‘you can agree to be called any name in this world, let them call you a thief, let them call you a liar, but never, ever, agree to be called a QUITTER’. 

Quitters are the real failures, you have not failed until you quit. Do not quit until you see to it that you achieve that dream of yours. All forces will work for a man who never gives up to achieve a good aim!