What Should You Do To Be Super Successful (Part 2)

I have been thinking about the post I made last week on what you could do to become super successful and I think I have found the perfect solution to this by making a breakdown of the points that I mentioned in that post. 

Enjoy the read. 🙂 


You do it because you really really want to do it. This happens mostly when you feel an innate urge to pursue or follow a cause. 
Sometimes, even if you don’t have the passion to begin with just putting in the work, and getting better on your chosen task will help you find an internal anchor. 


Work hard and have fun doing it. This was the main focus of the previous post. Read it here. 

Some work is fun. Sometimes it’s not! When the going gets tough, take it as a willpower exercise. The pain you will most times will be psychological, learn to deal with it and you will be flying. Hard work may sometimes dictate that you work longer hours. Build yourself to last longer than others.

Another important aspect of work is getting so good at what you do that people see you as an authority in your field or as Carl Newport puts it, ge ‘so good they can’t ignore you.’ 

To do this means you must be ready to take up more challenging tasks to help you grow. 

8 Secrets of Success by Richard St. John


Contrary to the mantra of multi tasking as a way of increasing productivity, I say single task. Do what you are doing now with all your heart and do it well. 

Summoning all your energies to complete a task could be boring at times to say the least but, it is worth it. You can divide your works into small junks and take breaks as often as necessary but don’t jump from one thing to the other without a work plan.

To help you focus, learn to 

  1. Avoid distractions.
  2. Turn off notifications.


Things could get unduly hard at times. The mental stress may be so demanding but then, you must keep moving forward. You have to push yourself through tough times and every perceived inadequacies, internal or external. 

Enjoy your day as we look forward to sharing with you every bit of what you need to become super successful. 

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