What Should You do to be SUPER SUCCESSFUL?

We could go on and on talking about hardwork and its importance to success. But, is hardwork really equal to success or there is more to the concept of success that is more complex than working hard?

Is “Hardwork alone = Success?”


Is “Hardwork + Something else= Success?”

Truly, if hard work is all that there is to success, then every hardworking man and woman we see on the streets should all be very successful. Very, very SUCCESSFUL!

     But the reality of life has continually debunked this fallacy and revealed to us that the principles of life itself rests on wisdom and only the wise at heart can decipher it!

Success can be compared to an assorted vegetable soup. Saying that hard work is the only thing you need to succeed is like saying your Ugu leaves/ vegetables is the only ingredient in an assorted vegetable soup.

I mean, is seasoning,  meat, fish, turkey and all other ingredients all a joke to you?

Who ever makes such great mistake while cooking a vegetable soup, even if it isn’t assorted? 

Exactly, no one.

This is the same mistake we make when we rely on our ability to work hard alone as the road to success. What about having a good strategy? Network? Attitude? An advanced mindset?

Why do you think people spend money buying books, attending seminars, signing up for courses?

This is because wise people know that their hardwork needs all the support system it can get to have a great impact!

According to Richard St. John, the other elements that lead to success are:

  1. Passion
  2. Focus
  3. Push
  4. Ideas
  5. Improve
  6. Serve
  7. Persist

Do not be in the boat of people who think hardwork is all they need. If you are, please leave. Find the boat of people who are serious and wise about achieving success that they expand and develop themselves daily on all coastlines.

Remember, that life is founded on principles and only the wise can decipher.