I have a dream, a vision, to become a great fashion designer in the world of fashion. 

I want to be the world’s best civil engineer that ever lived. 

I want to research and bring solutions to some of the deadly diseases that have been known to have no cure. 

I believe I can. I have the idea, I have plans, I see it happening. 

But I am scared. I am scared that after I achieve these dreams, there won’t be a need to live anymore. These dreams and visions are what keeps me going. The thought that I have something to achieve gives me the strength to keep pressing on in the face of challenges and struggles. 

I am afraid that once my dreams are actualized, I’ll have no reason to continue living. 

I have imagined myself standing in front of a lot of people, speaking to them and being applauded. I have seen myself handling big projects for big men, employing people, paying salaries to them. But I am scared it would all be a disappointment, so I’d rather just dream about it. 

I get to enjoy just the thoughts of these things. I can live in my fantasies for a whole day, enjoy the sensation it sends in, but never working out the plans. 
Does this describe you? You have dreams, visions, aspirations, you even have the plans, some have the funds even, but will never achieve anything. Why? Fear of the unknown, or should I say fear of the future. 

You fear that all your dreams will end up in disappointments once you decide to achieve them. You’re scared of stepping out when you haven’t even taken the first step. You’re scared of the risks that might be involved in the journey of fulfilling hour dreams. 

You have heard stories of those who had the same dream as yours and became successful, but they are not you, you say? You have also heard stories of those who only dream and never step out, you decide to associate with these ones. 

Yes, dreams are free. You can dream as much as you want, you can dream as wide as you want, but of what use are the dreams when they only remain as dreams? What advantage would they add to you or those around you if you never spill them out? How would anyone ever know you have the solutions to their problems if you stay in your shell? 

Everyone has something to offer in their own way.

That skill of yours, will it just go down like that? That amazing talent God gave you, will you return it to him saying you never knew? You didn’t ask for it but he gave you because he knew you could make use of them to better the world around you. But you decided to keep it under. 

Someone once said the graveyard is the place with the most talented, the most skillful, the greatest books, the greatest ideas. They were supposed to bless humanity, but those who carried them decided to hoard them and carried them to the grave. Should I even call it hoarding? It wasn’t of use to them, neither did they release it for the good of others. Would you want yours to be a part of the number too? 

Many people do not know that they are doing themselves more harm when they refuse to spread what is supposed to bless others. When you do not give it out, it is just there, getting rotten, it is not blessing you, neither is it blessing others. 

Do not let your dreams, skills, visions go down with you to the grave, there’s no use for them there. It is on earth that they are of benefit. You do not want to end your life and you’re shown all the things you should have done to bless lives, the books you should have written, the cures you should have brought to the medical world, researchers you should have carried out; it would have been too late by then. 

Now is the time to start. Your dreams are your reasons for living, but they shouldn’t also be your limitations. Once you achieve the dreams you carry now, greater ones are waiting. So you see, you will always have a reason to live!